Posted by: Jenn | June 12, 2007

WHOOHOO!!! Im done ^^

Im so happy im done now!!!
It took awhile and most of the time I didnt want to do it but this is one thing that is off my list to do for graduation!!
Now i just need my dress -_-…I haven’t even tried looking yet but im so scared!!! I heard we dont find out who’s graduating until graduation day!!!! YIKES!!
Im still so nervous and I want to graduate but will i???
Thats my big question thats stressing me out so much.

But anyways only 2 and half more weeks left till Graduation and of course GREAT AMERICA > o <!!!!!
I heard its fun since i havent been there yet but i’m sort of afraid of the rollar costers @_@ So sorry if i dont go on alot ><

I have also commented some blogs and i am known as Jenn. Not Jennifer Colley, or Jennifer C, or Jenny, or Jennifer….its just Jenn X] Im also the one with the bright green lime avatar when i post XDXD haha cuz im teh lime….Jenn teh lime….yeah freak out moment X]
i hope you like my blog and get good information off it that helps you^^
Thanks for the comments everyone and good luck with your grades and everything!!!


Posted by: Jenn | June 6, 2007

Oh No!! Not the Doctor!!

Alot of people hate love going to the doctors. It’s important and very good to get weekly or monthly check ups to see how your doing menatlly and physically. Alot of people think that going to thwe doctor or any health consumer is stupid and a waste of time, but its not.  People have deticated their lives to helping us and they dont want to waste their lives or time to help all of you when you dont want. You may hate it with all your might but you still should go. Its easy and quick it doesnt even take that long. For instance with if you have cancer and you go in for a checkup. They could spot it early and start giving you everything you need to survive and get through it but if you skip out…bad luck. So just make sure to stay on top of it all and to take care of yourself and think about what you do with your time. Take a trip to the doctor it wont it hurt…it will help.

Posted by: Jenn | June 6, 2007

Safety First!

I’ve noticed alot that people just dont care about their safety or anyone else’s. Before you would see everyone wearing their helmet when they rode their bikes or someone waited to cross the streets when it was clear. But not anymore, kids play hard and reckless not caring and you see j-walkers everywhere iyou go! Its insane, but hey its their life not mine. But im not here to lecture because im not very good at it and i sound cheesy but just to remind you that your very own safety is important no matter what your doing or where you go. Trust me a lot of things can happen if your not careful or aware. So make sure you read, and think before you do anything and be aware of your surroundings, the most important. Dont be dumb! Play it smart then you will trully be cool X]

Posted by: Jenn | June 6, 2007

To Drink or NOT to Drink??

Wow….first off to believe that so many people have gotten into alcohol its scary. I dont understand how they like it, it just tastes nasty all around. Everyone knows that they have to be 21 or older to legally drink but they dont care and about 80% of high school kids have tried it. But deciding to drink or not is a personal decsion that everyone is going to have to make in their life, but they should be aware of what to much could do to you. Have you ever wondered why teens drink at all?? MOst adults do it because of parties but why teens?? Well it either make them feel good, relaxed, cool, or to feel older and among the top against everyone else. So I guess teens get hooked into it mainly because its all around them, in stores, on tv, your parents and their friends. They probably think its harmless because everyone drinks it. But the thing is it is harmful, very. The reason is being is that alcohol is a depressant, which affects the central nervous system, and causes to block off messages from the brain, or a.k.a. being drunk. But everyone time someone gets drunk, gets in a car and decides to go for a ride they put themselves and others at risk, very very high risks. So please be smart and aware…and no matter how much to try to be cool by drinking you’ll just show everyone how stupid you are.

Posted by: Jenn | June 6, 2007

Conflict Management

Have you ever had a major conflict with anyone you hate, or with a friend or buisness partner or even a group? Have you tried sloving it some way some how? Well i have and sometimes its not easy but its good to do. Many people struggle with that alot these days even i do with friends. I think most conflicts start over stupid things because someone’s opinion or idea isn’t takin the way the want it to and they make a big deal out of it, or rumors start about someone and they blame it on you. Lets just say conflicts are one of the many obsaticles in life that we have to pass. Because of so many things changing everyday its hard not to be in one. But here are some ways to help solve those conflicts sooner:

    1.  Agree to work together and set rules such as no name-calling, blaming, yelling or interrupting.
    2.  Let each person describe their point of view without interruption. The point is to understand what a person wants and why they want it.
    3.  Establish facts and issues that everyone can agree on and determine what is important to each person.
    4. List all options without judging them or feeling that they must be carried out. Try to think of solutions where everyone gains something.
    5.  Negotiate and try to reach a compromise that is acceptable to everyone involved.
    6.  Each person should state his or her interpretation of the agreement. Try writing the agreement down and checking back at a later time to see how it is working.

Posted by: Jenn | June 5, 2007

Building A Responsible Relationship

I think in everyones life when they get in their teens just like me, they think the relationships mean dating grils or boys. But the truth is, its not. You can have any type of relatrionship with anyone. For example you can have a brother/sister relationship with a close friend or a loving one with a close friend. Also dont forget about your parents. They were the first ones you’ve ever had a real relationship with or someone close to you from when you were a baby.  Your parents have taken care of you and want to be with you but when my parents want to be with me alot sometimes i think its weird and i try to make plans with a friend but its not. Its good to have some family time even if you really dont want to. For all you know you could end up having the time fo your life. Another type of relationship is yes, dating. Alot of teens get obsessed with of they look to attract a certain someone and i cant lie that I havent. But its hard sometimes to deal with those feeling especially with the person you like but they dont like you back. Another type of relationship is buisness. Your employees or job partners. You count on them and they count on you, so dont let them dow. Treat them like ytour friends even if you hate them just as much as they hate you. So they’re many types of relationships in the world try a few.

Posted by: Jenn | June 5, 2007

From a Kid to an Adult

Every kid when they grow up, thinks that being an adult is easy and fun. That you get to do anything you want to do, but its not. When i was a bit younger than I am now I thought the same thing too! But now that im getting farther into my teens i’ve reliezed how difficult everyhting can get or how stressed someone can become. My major example would be school, im so worried about graduating and the finals its so close but i get so stressed. But thats just a major part of life from becoming a kid to an adult and having a job, and possibly even a family of your own! Growing not only involves length and weight of your body, but also includes your internal and mental growth. Growing also affects different parts of the body at different rates. Normally growing is complete between the ages of 16 and 18, at which time the growing ends of bones fuse together. Here are some average heights and weights:

Age Height – Females
(in inches)
Height – Males
(in inches)
Weight – Females
(in pounds)
Weight – Males
(in pounds)
1 27 to 31 28 to 32 15 to 20 17 to 21
2 31.5 to 36 32 to 37 22 to 32 24 to 34
3 34.5 to 40 35.5 to 40.5 26 to 38 26 to 38
4 37 to 42.5 37.5 to 43 28 to 44 30 to 44
6 42 to 49 42 to 49 36 to 60 36 to 60
8 47 to 54 47 to 54 44 to 80 46 to 78
10 50 to 59 50.5 to 59 54 to 106 54 to 102
12 55 to 64 54 to 63.5 68 to 136 66 to 130
14 59 to 67.5 59 to 69.5 84 to 160 84 to 160
16 60 to 68 63 to 73 94 to 172 104 to 186
18 60 to 68.5 65 to 74 100 to 178 116 to 202

Mental and emotional health generally is a person’s thoughts, feelings and actions, mostly when faced with life’s challenges and stresses. Just like many other cases this is a part fo life that we have to go through and sometimes its really hard.  Some ways you know if someone or even you has good mental and emotional health is when they’re relaxed and calm, self-cofidence, self-eestem,  a sense of well being, and a zest for life.

Posted by: Jenn | May 11, 2007

Eating Right: Is McDonalds Good??

So many people in America have struggled with the way they eat. They think fast food is good for them so they eat more or they say its so good that it wont hurt them, but thats wrong. Fast food has so much fat, calories, and sugar in it.  I bet  out there has never really had any fruits or vegetables and dont know how important they are. Personally I love alot of vegetables and some fruit. I think everyone should relieze how important it is to try not to eat that much fast food or anything but try and find some good healthy recipies that seem interesting to you that you would want to try. Im a picky eater myself but i can find good healthy things that tastes better than fast food any day and its not greasy!,4132,P1211,00.html

Posted by: Jenn | May 9, 2007

Physical Fitness: Just Get Up and Go

 Physical Fitness is very important in everyday life. It also is connected to you body and health even if you think its no big deal.  There are alot of Americans right now that are obese or overweight because they dont want to exercise or they feel to lazy and just want to sit on the couch and it. Its important to get up and do something good for yourself even if its just running, playing or sport or even walking around the mall! Anything that doesnt involve sitting and watching TV.

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